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"I am so thankful to have found Mr. Hammers. He is so efficient and talented. He blends my music for my aerobics classes so perfectly, and he is so reasonably priced!" - Jane H.


"I was tasked with having several different people go to Altissimo Recording Studio to record their past recollections, and in some cases read other peoples scripts. Our project evolved as memories were awakened. Everyone felt so at ease with Bill that the microphone disappeared and they simply told their story to a friend. Actually, I often commented to Bill that he did not make friends, he made fans, and everyone I brought to him became one -- especially me. The technical part of the job was superb and the human side, which made us sound so natural, was where Bill really excels. People called to thank me for arranging the recording because they met Bill, and that is no exaggeration. I would recommend him for any job, any time, anywhere." - Jini S.


A hearty thanks for a job well done on the conversion of the LP's to cd format (the Martinu and Copland classical recordings). They sound great, and I have already had much enjoyment finally hearing them again after these many years (well over thirty). I gave copies to my daughter, and have one more to send to my son. I'll definitely recommend you to others - Steve M.


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